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Proud of our humble beginnings Tauranga Plumbing prides itself on good old-fashioned workmanship that stands the test of time.

“In my early days with the business we did a lot of State housing work to accommodate soldiers who came back from World War Two. They were originally housed in a transit camp on Domain extension”


Plumbing and gasfitting to all types of new housing, large or small. Versatility has been key to our firm’s longevity and success and no matter what project we work on, whether it’s residential or commercial “we continue to provide the excellent service and expertise on which we have built our name”.

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Tauranga Plumbing was built on working hard, getting your hands dirty and looking after the people who work for you, and who you work for. We have worked from larger commercial projects that have needed major drainage works to smaller residential projects. We have a wide range of expertise and gear to get the job done.

“We’ve some great guys through this place and some real hard cases too. We still keep in contact with quite a few of them. Today it’s great to see where the company is at now and I’ve got two grandsons working here. The future looks pretty good to me”

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Rainwater Harvesting

We are experiencing longer dry spells and more intensive rainfalls. This can often lead to water restrictions which are becoming more common throughout the country.

Having a rainwater tank enables you to collect and store rainwater for household use either in an emergency or all year round to reduce the demand on our water services.

A popular install we undertake here at Tauranga Hardware & Plumbing is to harvest rainwater for a dedicated hose tap and toilet cistern supply, an installation that can be undertaken at an affordable cost ultimately saving $$’s on your water bill.

An interesting fact for the average household, approximately 56% of water is used for non potable (non drinking) purposes, which a rainwater tank can help collect.

The team at Tauranga Hardware & Plumbing can guide you through the Rainwater Harvesting process and customise an installation to your needs and budget.

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